Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eames Auction -The Show Must Go On.... UPDATED

Well the Boys and Girls at Wright are carrying on with their amazing Eames auction despite the BULLSHIT the Eames Spawn are pulling with the lawsuit.
(See NY Times article here and Business Week here.)
Geeze kids, it took you 21 years to realize you owned the material???
Sound like SOUR GRAPES to me.
I think what Eames and Lucia Demetrios are doing with the Eames Foundation is great,
and I think it was a travesty that Vitra got the archives and prototypes, 
but you had plenty of time children to take this up with the Neuhart's
while the material was in your backyard.
To spring this on Wright and the Neuhart's in the 11 hour is, well,
not cool....


Signs of a truce???

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